Addition Games and Activities -
Summation Skills Training and Master Addition Math Fact

Math addition games and online activities can help children build a solid foundation on addition math fact.

To help our children master addition skills, we need to understand how children learn addition.

- Adding numbers is a natural learning progression for kids after counting. Young kids need to be able to count when doing addition. Use objects or mathematics manipulative allow kids to count and find the total before proceeding to use numeric.

- Children start with simple addition. They learn adding single digit numbers within ten using their fingers or aids for counting. Upon mastering adding within ten, they proceed to learn adding within twenty.

- After mastering single and double digit addition, kids are ready to expand their summation skills to hundreds and beyond. Ultimately, they should do problem solving using their learned skills and be challenged on doing mental calculation accurately.

Learning math requires constant practice. While children progress from one stage to another, it is crucial to provide opportunity for continuous summation skill training. Constant practice and applying the learned skills helps children to appreciate practical usage of math too.

Practice with addition games and free educational online math activities make learning addition fact easy and fun for kids.

math addition games for kids to learn addition
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Adding Games Around the Block

This is an addition game to improve child’s mathematics skills and make him more active at the same time.

Let your child go around the block with you. Consider every square in your sidewalk a game board. If your neighborhood does not have ridged sidewalks, just take huge steps for every answer.

You need a pair of dice to play the game. Roll the dice and add up the numbers on both dice. If the child gets the right answer, he can step ahead the total of spaces but if his answer is incorrect, he should go back.

Get a group of children to play this game together. The kid who reaches finishing point is the winner. You will see how the kids enjoy themselves as they learn addition at the same time.

Adding Math on the Road

You can play this addition game while traveling on the road with the kids. Identify a car on the road. Challenge the kids to add up the car plate number mentally.

play addition game by adding up car plate number

Depending on the number of digits on the car plate and the level of arithmetic skill of the kids, this is how to add up the car plate number. For example, there are four digits on the car plate - 5819. You can define the addition as 5 + 8 + 1 + 9 if the kids had only been taught on single digit sum. You can also do 58 + 19 if they know two digit summations.

Speed and accuracy trump in mental calculation. Whoever has the correct answer first is the winner.

Two Digit Addition Game

This is a grade one math activity to practice two digit additions.

You need two to five players, a spinner and cards with numbers 2 to 9. You can also get the kids to make the spinner and cards if necessary.

- First player spins the spinner two times to form a two-digit number. Then, he draws a number card.
- Add the number on the card to the double digit number obtained from the spinner.
- Other players check his answer.
- Child scores one point if answer is correct.

Take turns to play for a few rounds. The winner is the player with the highest score after the end of the game.

You can challenge kids’ addition mental skills by increasing the number value on the cards.

If your child has mastered the mental addition of double digit numbers, let your kid proceed to do summation in hundreds.

Adding Number in Hundreds

You need 2 to 4 children and three sets of number cards from 0 to 9

You can make your own number cards or let the children make it themselves. Write 0 to 9 on pieces of paper. Cut them into rectangular pieces. Make 3 cards for each number.

Shuffle the cards. Each child draws 6 cards. Arrange the cards to get two three-digit numbers. Add the two three digit numbers. Player with the greatest answer wins.

Learning math is more than numbers. Interpreting data and understanding mathematics vocabulary are equally important. Children need to know add, plus, more than and sum have the same meaning in mathematical terms. This set the foundation of math problem solving.

Tell a Tale - Story Sum

Have three bags - one for names, one for numbers and one for toys

Gather a small group of children. Let each kid write his favourite name, number and toy on separate pieces of paper. Drop each piece of paper into each respective bag. Get a kid to pick a piece of paper from names’ bag and toys’ bag. Pick two pieces of paper from numbers’ bag. The kid needs to think of a story using the words and numbers written on these papers. Then tell the story to the rest of the kids.

Guide the kid along if necessary.

Here is an example of a story sum:
John has 10 red cars and 20 blue cars. He has 30 cars altogether. The sum of 10 and 20 is 30. On the other hand, 10 plus 20 is equal to 30. You can also say add 10 to 20 make 30.

Put the pieces of paper back to the respective bags for another child to pick and tell a summation tale.

Play math card games can strengthen mental addition skill. Challenge your kid’s mental calculation by increasing the number of cards or based on speed to get the right answer.

Addition Math Games and Online Activities

Online math learning games require them to use mental calculation. Some interactive games require fast respond too.

Mental Calculation - Add up to 99

A very fun addition games for 1st and 2nd grader. The game allows two players to challenge one another. Depending on the players’ level, you can set to add up to a total from 5 to 99.

Kids in 2nd to 4th grade learn adding within thousand. At this stage, adding is not limited to just using numerals. Children learn word sentences.

Learn Numbers in Different Ways

Learn how numbers can add up based on hundreds, tens and ones place value. Child also learns to identify numbers in different ways. It can be presented in word sentence, pictorial blocks or numerals.

learn number to 1000 addition math online game

Children also start to learn to use addition skills for problem solving. Some interactive online math activities involve strategic thinking and problem solving skills.

Addition Skills for Problem Solving

Apply your math addition skill on this game. Arrange the numbers in a line such that it sums up to the same total. It requires thinking skill and perseverance to get to the right answer. You progress to the next level when you get the right answer. It becomes more challenging. Even an adult may not be able to get it right on the first attempt. This interactive addition game is suitable for 3rd grade and above.

learn addition with powerline math online game

Let your child play in a group when playing addition games and online math activities. Interactive learning helps information retention when they learn from each other. Kids pick up other social skills too.

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