Learn Telling Time with Clock Games and Activities for Kids

Clock games and clock related activities can help kids to read clock and tell time. Learning to tell time and reading clock can be a challenge for a child. There are many ways parents can help child to learn this essential life skill.

Most parents will get a teaching time clock or toy clock for the kids. No doubt, a teaching time clock is an essential tool, there are other ways to teach kids to read clock.

clock games and activities to learn to tell time
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Clock Crafts

All kids love craft. We can let the kids make their own clock. Use the finished craft to teach time to them. All one needs is some paper and scissor. You can get the kids to cut out the clock model and fill in with color. Older kids can design their own clock face.

Telling Time the Pizza Way

I know of some creative mothers who play telling time games with their kids by making their own pie chart.

  • Make two pizzas (pie charts) using paper. Decorate it with numbers of the clock on them.
  • Cut one pizza (pie chart) in slices, and one to keep whole.
  • Have child match the pizza slices with where the numbers belong.
  • When they can match the numbers, proceed to (assuming they can count by fives) teach 5 minutes after, ten minutes after etc.
  • Give them a short fraction lesson on half of the pizza (half past) and quarter of the pizza.

Make Your Own TV Guide

This is one which kids will love to do; get them to write or copy their favorite TV guide.

  • Select a series of favorite TV programs.
  • Give them telling time worksheets with clock face on it.
  • Teach them to write down the time when the program starts on the clock face.
  • Write the TV program next to the respective clock face.

In a matter of time, they will start referring to their TV guide for favorite TV programs.

Online Clock Games

One can also find many interactive clock games online. Here are a few fun and interactive telling time games to teach children learn to tell time.

Set the clock to game

Set the Clock to.... - Set the alarm clock ringing at the right time. Listen to cute snapdragon and learn to read too.

learn to listen to time game

What's the time - Learn to Listen to Time. A great game for auditory learners.

Match Digital Time with clock game

Stop the Clock - Match digital time with clock. Challenge to beat your own score or compete to see who get a better score.

More telling time games and activities for children :

Make a Sun Dial

Make a twist to reading time from a sundial instead of a normal clock will definitely delight the children. You can turn it into a clock project for the kids. Get them to observe and record the shadow to determine time of the day.

You only need a stick and some pebbles. Stick the stick into the ground or sand pit at your garden or backyard. Check to see where the shadow of the stick is at every hour interval. Put a pebble to indicate the time. This is a great clock activity to let children learn about how the sun moves as time passes along the day. The shadow created by the sun helps people to tell time in the olden days.

Counting Time with Mr. Big Bad Wolf

count time with big bad wolf

One of my favorite is "What is the time Mr. Big Bad Wolf?” It teaches children counting time from 1 to 12 o'clock.

  • Get a group of children.
  • Select one child to be Big Bad Wolf. Turn his back against the rest of children.
  • Draw a line about 10 feet away behind the "Big Bad Wolf". Get children to stand behind this line.
  • Children will shout, "What is the time Mr. Big Bad Wolf?"
  • Big Bad Wolf shouts "1 o'clock" and turn back.
  • Other children take one-step towards Big Bad Wolf and freeze when he turns around. Whoever moves will drop out from the game.
  • Repeat until 12 o'clock. Big Bad Wolf will have to catch a child while turning back.
  • Children will have to run back behind the line before caught.

Beware...it can get a bit rowdy sometimes but the children will enjoy it.

Measure Time with a Stop Watch

use stopwatch to measure time

You need at least two children and a stopwatch. Just a tip here - you can use a mobile phone stopwatch function.

The kids compete to see who can run fastest. Each child will time and record the running speed of the other child using a stopwatch. Instead of running, they can measure how long it takes to cycle round the block.

Clock and Telling Time Worksheets

Worksheets are great materials to use as part of telling time games and activities with kids. Check out these clock and telling worksheets I created. You can use it as it is or cut them out for distribution and play as games.

Involve kids in clock games and telling time activities are one of the best ways to teach children how to tell time.

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