Printable Clock Worksheets and Telling Time Activities for Kids to Learn to Tell Time

Clock worksheets and printable activity is another way for kids to learn how to tell time. There is no specific age when we can teach children read clock and tell time. Kids should be taught whenever they are ready to learn. It is an important life skill a child should learn as soon as possible.

Telling time is more than reading clock. Time is abstract but even preschooler can learn about time in a creative way with the right teaching resources.

Clock Worksheets and Tell Time Printables Pack
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What's Available in Clock Worksheets and Tell Time Activities Pack?

Clock Craft - Assemble a Clock Model

Printable Clock Craft to Learn to Read Clock

Consists of clock face, numbering, hour and minute hands, including instructions, for kids to assemble a clock model.
A great tool to introduce clock to young kid. You can print it on hard paper, cut them out and use it as teaching resources.

Telling time with Daily Activities

time worksheets on daily activities for kids

Include pictures of usual daily activities of a child. Let kid write down the time she does each activity.
Appropriate for young children who just started to learn about time. It relates to what the kid does daily.

Learn to Read Clock and Tell Time

Total of 24 pages consist of:

Tell time by hour
Tell Half Past Hour
Learn Quarter in Time
Learn to Tell Time
- read the hands on clock and write out the time shown
- draw the hands on clock based on time given.

This is the basic for children to learn and count 1 to 12 hours on the clock.

Upon the kid is able to master the hour, proceed to teach your child about half hour and quarter time.
As the child progresses, proceed to the last part on Learn to Tell Time. Kids learn to tell time up to the minutes.

Kids also learn about analog and digital reading of time. It reinforces child's ability to tell time in different mode.

Addition and Subtraction of Time

Practice basic addition and subtraction of time in minute, hour and also hour with minute.

The challenge for children is 60 minutes in an hour. They need to remember to carry over the 60 minutes to hour when adding and subtracting time.

Tell Digital Time, using a.m. and p.m.

Kids learn to read 24 hour digital clock, when to use a.m. for morning and p.m. in the afternoon and at night.

Learn to convert time from 24 hour clock to 12 hour clock. This is done with program charts to reflect real life examples.

Children will learn how to read actual time when they go on excursion or camp when an itinerary is given.

Convert Time and Duration

Understand length of time. Be able to convert time from minutes into hours and hours into minutes.

Story Word Problems

Solving story problems using telling time skills helps our kids to enhance this life skill.

Learn Days and Months

Telling time is more than reading clock. Children need to learn about 7 days make up a week and 12 months make up a year. Take this opportunity to introduce days and months concept. Kids learn to spell the days of a week and months with these word search puzzles.

What you can do with these Printables...

* Use them as it is ie worksheets

* Cut them up and distribute among children. Challenge each child to work on a different clock instead of the entire worksheets.

* Play a round of matching game; cut up the answers and do a match with corresponding questions.

* Decorate the classroom or your kids' room with these clocks since it comes in color.

* Cut it out and turn it into flash cards

Benefits of Clock Worksheets Tell Time Activities Pack

* Comprehensive learning resources for your child to learn to tell time.

* Appeal to kids. Worksheets are colorful with pictures.

* Make reading clock activity interesting with creative ways to use these printables.

* Print as many as you like.

* Teach at any time. Print and bring it along during traveling or waiting in restaurant.

* Let your child learn at her own pace. Re-print any section if you need to reinforce any concept.

* Saves you time in preparing lesson plan. This jumbo pack comes with answers!

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