Turn Daily Activities into Fun Math Activities and Lesson for Our Kids

There are fun math activities in our daily life. Do you realize many activities involve mathematics or may require math skills?

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Basic math operation skill is needed in our daily life. Preparing meal involves knowing volume and measurement. Sorting laundry requires classification. Shopping for grocery requires calculation and money counting. Even outdoor games, indoor activities, crafts and projects can involve mathematics.

Math is everywhere in our daily. Take this opportunity to let our children explore mathematical concept and possibilities around them everyday. For parents who are homeschooling the kids, these activities can serve as math lesson for the children.

Check out these fun math activities we do with our kids at home.

Math Play Land in Grocery Store

Go grocery shopping is one of the best fun math activities. There are many mathematics concepts children can learn, math facts for them to practice and have fun at the same time.

Plan with Numbers

Get ready to go grocery shopping with some planning with children. Planning involve some simple math skills.

- Hunt for coupons
- List the number of items and indicate the quantity to buy; some items come in bundle, packet or individual.
- Estimate budget

Learn to read prices, subtraction, counting are simple math skills involved here. Practice measurement and estimation also helps children to improve on predicting amount accuracy.

Decide with Numbers

There are many decision-making while in the store. Number sense and mathematics skills will help us to make most decisions here. Get the kids to work out

- Which brand of peanut butter spread is cheaper? Is the weight of the peanut butter the same?
- Should we buy a larger bottle of detergent?
- Does the cereal that comes with a toy include the cost of the toy?

Watch the weight

Let the kids participate in weighing the produce required. Select five potatoes and get each of them to estimate the weight before weighing it with the scale. Guess if five apples are heavier or lighter than five potatoes. If the potatoes cost $2 per/kg, what is the cost for these five potatoes?

Get into shapes

Identify and classify shapes based on the items found in the store. This is a good time to understand 2D and 3D shapes.

-    Which items are solid? Which items are flat?
-    Which are round, rectangle and square?
-    Show me any items that are cone and pyramid? How do you stack them?

Check out amount

Paying for the grocery at the check out counter is usually associated with math activities.

-    Ask the child to estimate what’s the total grocery bill come up to be.
-    Tally the items in the receipt with the actual items.
-    What is the total actual cost and how much change I should get back?
-    Is the change correct?

Put it away

The fun is not finished at the grocery store. Putting the grocery away when you reached home can be fun too. 
Play "Guess My Rule." In this game, you sort the items and invite your child to guess your rule for sorting them. Then, your child can sort the items, and you can guess the rule.

Sorting helps children develop classifying and reasoning skills and the ability to examine data and information.

Learn Measurement with Game

It is so easy to get kids to learn about centimeters and meters when we get them to play a fun measurement math game.

My kids measuring how far the airplane has flown

All kids like to play with folded airplanes. It is easy to get them to learn when we get them to do something they simply love. Here is how to get the game going:

1.    Gather a few kids or at least two kids.
2.    Give each of them a piece of paper (Preferably recycled paper for environmental friendly reason) and fold it into an airplane.
3.    Get a measuring tape. Draw a starting line on the floor using a chalk. Then get the kids to mark each meter using the measuring tape.
4.    All kids to stand behind the starting line. Each of them throws their airplane as far as they can. Let them measure who threw the furthest.
5.    To expand the game, make each of them throws a few times. Record the distance of the airplanes thrown by each kid. Add up the total distance and determine who threw the furthest is the winner.

Guide them along as they measure to ensure they know how to read the measurement correctly. Expanding the game makes them learn how to add up distance in meters and centimeters too.

This is such a simple math game but it is very effective for kids to learn measurement. This game is applicable for kids to learn measurement more than a meter.

If your kid is just starting to learn about measurement, I would suggest you give him a short ruler or a short measuring tape. Let him move around the house to measure as many object as he can. That’s how my son starts off learning how to measure in math.

“Happy Cards"  game -  one of our family Fun Math Activities

Playing card is one of the best math tools available. We can play it at home, in the classroom, during holiday trips or anywhere…as long as we have a stack of playing cards with us.

My beloved husband has created many fun games using playing cards to teach our kids math.

one of my son's favorite math activities - happy cards

Of all the fun math activities, my children love the card games most. My son named the game “Happy Cards”.  He feels very happy every time he plays these cards with us. I think it is a great name for the game – an expression of his emotion with this activity he enjoys.

There are many different methods of playing math card games with kids. We can improvise and modify the games according to their age and level. Make it more challenging as they progress in their math skills. Add some card tricks to draw their interest.

Sometimes an adult can play as “banker”. Give the kids some coins as bets. Banker will pay winner based on bets. Loser will have all bets confiscated by banker. They learn about money at the same time.

Playing card games is one of our favorite family time. There are times the children even beg us to play with them. This goes to show that spending time playing and teaching our kids strengthens the bonding between parents and child.


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