Part 2...More Fun Math Activities to
Teach Kids Math

Fun math activities include making craft. It helps to turn mathematics concept into concrete objects for ease of understanding for kids.

Math syllabus gets more complex as our children progress from each level or grade.  Make learning math as easy and fun as possible helps to keep children's interest in math.

Make Math Craft to learn 3D Shapes

3D shape mathematics tool to learn 3D shapeOur 3D mathematics tool
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It gets a bit complex for my son to try to imagine 3D shapes on a piece of paper. Though he can use objects at home to learn about the different shapes, the number of sides, corners and vertex etc but he can’t possibility have all these objects along with him all the time or even in school.

What we have done is we use paper to make up some of the 3D shapes.
- Draw the outline of each shape you want on a piece of paper.
- Color the side or put some design on it.
- Cut out each shape.
- Glue the side up to form the desire shape as planned.

My son puts these 3D shapes in a plastic bag and keeps it in his schoolbag. He refer to these shapes when he learns about 3D shapes. It is so handy. He also uses it as building blocks and play with it.

We have made a mathematics manipulative ourselves, saves us money and have great fun making it.

Here are more fun math activities from parents and teachers:

Greater than, Less than with Mr Crocodile

Teach children number value with this simple math game.

The teacher will get a picture of a crocodile and tell the class that Mr Crocodile is very hungry and only likes to eat the biggest things. Have two numbers on the board, 2 and 7. Ask the class which number is the bigger number. They can use number lines to help them in doing the counting. Between the two numbers place a crocodile mouth eg. < or > and draw teeth on the lines. Make sure the mouth is facing the bigger number. The kids will love to come up and place the mouth on the numbers.

Mr Crocodile to learn greater than less than in math

By Kim - Zimbabwe

Legos Math

When I was a special education teacher teaching 3rd through 5th grade, sometimes I used Legos as a fun way to re-enforce math and multiplication skills.

For instance, to teach three times three, you can give them three Legos three times, and then have them count each group of three. Next, have them count all the Legos to find the answer to three times three. Afterwards, you can write it down and show them the numbers, and ask them again what is three times three.

This could be played with younger children to help their math skills, if not with special education kids. You could do this with other math manipulatives, or simply with blocks, but it seemed to work best with Legos.

By Lynn - USA

Fun and Effortless Math Activities

Little children learn fast when it looks like a game.

Everyone in my family was called 'talented in math', but I think we have just started early and had fun doing it.

With little children, we used to count everything:

- Birds on the trees outside our windows; we creep up near the windows and start counting the birds perching on the branches. Not only do we count, we have to minus those birds that flew away...

- Mushrooms under the trees; this usually happens after rain in the garden. Take a walk in the garden and compete to see who found more. It is fun.

- Spoons of cereal; this is a good trick to get the kids to eat more. Little boy challenged himself to eat as much as the big brother.

- Cars on the road; mama counts grey cars while a kid counts red ones and so on. Stuck in traffic jam or long distance travel is not boring anymore. We won't hear - "Are we reaching there yet?" from the kids.

Best activities to develop logic from the early years are Nikitin cubes (blocks?). These are just cubes colored in a specific way so that kids can do any required patterns, from very easy to very complicated. This is a simple and yet effective tool to develop 3-D thinking, concentration, patience, creativity, perception. Its usage is limited by one's imagination.

There are also other logic developing games by this family of two Russian teachers from the Soviet times.

By Olga - Canada

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There are also online fun math activities and games which capture the interest of our kids in learning math.


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