Halloween Games for Kids as Lessons - Have Fun Celebrating and Learning

Educational Halloween games for kids help parents and educators not to compromise kids' learning time while they enjoy holiday.

Here are some exciting Halloween themed games and educational activities for children to learn while having fun. Use these ideas in your Halloween party games. Play them either indoors or outdoors according to your preference. If you are an educator, you can replicate these Halloween themed games and ideas easily in the classrooms or in the school garden.

Halloween games for kids as learning lessons
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Halloween Q&A – a fun history lesson

Teach general knowledge and learn the origin of Halloween. Using games as a medium to gain knowledge is both fun and rewarding for the little ones.
Start the ball rolling by asking the children a series of Halloween related questions.
Some sample questions may go like this:
#1) “What was the original long name for Halloween?”  Ans: (All-Hallows'-Even ("evening")) 
#2) “What are the other names of Halloween?” Ans : ( Hallowmas, All Hallows, Hallowtide, All Hallow's Eve and All Soul’s Day)
#3) “Which vegetable was originally used for this occasion?” Ans : (Turnip)
#4) “What are the traditional colors for Halloween?” Ans: (Orange and Black)

Halloween Craft – introduce the concept of “3Rs”

Learning through craftwork is one of the successful methods in retaining knowledge. Introduce the “3Rs” - “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” concept to save Mother Earth while educating them about pollution.

Encourage the children to make Halloween crafts such as gothic-looking cups using recycle items such as jam jars. You can find some craft ideas using recycled material here. Just incorporate Halloween characters into it and you can have a Halloween craft.

Skeleton Assemble – Know Your Anatomy

Stay outdoors a little longer if the sun is out and the weather is still beautiful. Let the children gather anything in the garden to assemble a skeleton. It could be leaves, twigs, fallen tree trunks etc. This reinforces a child’s resourcefulness at finding materials for this challenge.

Get them to show you which bones are femur, tibia and the name for the other parts of the skeleton.  Take a few candid camera shots with “ske – le – ton” instead of saying “Cheese” for a change. Reward the child who could answer this question: “How many bones are there in a completed skeleton?” Answer:  206 bones.

Pumpkin Bowling – Practice Eye-Hand Co-ordination Skills

What do you do with those extra “pump” sitting around after you have dug them for Jack O-Lantern? Let’s play an outdoor game of "Halloween Bowling" in the garden.

Playing in the open spaces encourage children to appreciate nature. Besides, outdoor activities help children to sharpen their eye-hand co-ordination skills. Place some empty beer/plastic ketchup bottles in a triangle. Start bowling them with the tiniest pumpkin you can find. Shouts of “Strike!” might just be the order of the day.

“Trick or Treat” hunt – Expand Vocabulary Learning Words

Have you ever noticed that most children love the game of “Hide and Seek”? Since it is Halloween, you could play a Halloween “Trick or Treat” Hunt in the garden if the weather permit or in the house if it is raining.

This is just like playing naming objects with preschoolers. Instead of showing the objects, hide and give clues to find them. Hide objects, food, drinks or anything that you fancy. Write simple clues cards like “A witch uses this object to fly”; “A wizard uses this object to stir his cauldron” etc, these clue cards will give them an idea on what to hunt.

Halloween Games for Kids - Learn Addition with Halloween Theme Online Math Game

In this technologically advance cyber age, children’s’ liking for online games can be phenomenal. Challenge them to a round of math game. See who is faster in adding the numbers.

Jigsaw Puzzles (For little tikes)

If you have little tikes who can’t join these fun Halloween activities, print some Halloween Themed pictures, cut them up, mess them up and get them to do a “Halloween Themed Jigsaw puzzle”. Clean and fuss-free.

Have Fun Teaching and Learning.

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