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Are you looking for kids' craft ideas?

You have found the right place! …There are paper craft, creative painting and many other crafts to do with kids. Such art activities keep children entertain for hours. It can be a fun time for parent and child too.

Do not confine yourself to doing these craft activities indoor. Have some activities done outdoor provides a fresh setting for everyone. Get the kids to collect some natural materials to turn into art pieces make the preparation easier for all.

Here is one easy Paper Craft to start off....

Make Aborigine Paper Art Craft

paper craft as one of kids craft ideas
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This is a simple craft for children of any age. Draw a simple outline of a turtle. Let the child decorate this turtle using Q-tip and paint. Dip the Q-tip in colored paint and stamp the paint on the paper. Be careful not to dip with too much paint or stamp too close between each painted dot.

You may want the kids to draw the outline of animals they prefer. Or, simply unleash the kids’ creativity by allowing the children to decorate any design they want.

For more...

Paper Crafts for Kids

Paper or paper item material is easily available and inexpensive. It makes good material for art and craft.  Japanese paper craft or origami challenges one to get better at paper folding art. Paper craft for Chinese New Year makes perfect festive decoration for homes.

Craft Painting Ideas for Kids

Painting is not limited to just paint on paper. There are many craft painting ideas here. Let children explore the many different canvases and tools for painting to create their masterpieces. A rainbow of love ideas with kids' craft can be valuable lesson about sharing for the kids too.

Recycled Crafts

A good kid’s craft idea is to turn unused items and materials into craft for kids. We can make many things out from unused items and materials found at home. All it takes is just some creative ideas. Give some used papers, strings, discarded boxes etc to some young kids. You will be surprised what they can make out of these materials.

It does not cost much to make kids' craft. There are many materials readily available if we know how to recycle.

I seldom buy material for creating craft. My children go through and pick whatever material available in the recycle bin at home. It also challenges the kids’ creativity to work on limited resources available.

More Craft Ideas

Here are what other parents and visitors shared with us...

Make Your Own Doll House

Here is a kids' craft idea which can also turn out to be a toy for young girls.....

My 5-year old daughter owns 2 different dollhouses, but she LOVES to make her own out of cardboard boxes. Simply take a large cardboard box, cover it with white paper and cut out windows. If we want to be really fancy we add a 2nd story and windows. (cut another piece of cardboard and make two "wings" and cut slots in the side to make it stand up.

My daughter then has a great time decorating the house, drawing pictures, furniture, even people. She also plays in them all the time with her toys.

- by Amelia

Free Craft with Family Outing

My kids craft idea isn't extra creative or original, (Hey I'm a guy). However, here is an idea how we get some free kids craft and let our kids enjoy themselves.....

Some Home Depot's have kid's craft days on Saturday mornings where they have a project to build. Everyone can participate. It's absolutely free for all families and it's really fun to see the kids' work. You get a free craft out of it at the end of the session. It can also be a great outing for the family to spend some time together.

- by Chris
(Atlanta, GA)

Free For All Craft Session

One of my favorite and easiest craft ideas for kids is a craft free for all. This is a great way to increase your child's creativity and imagination! Put various left over craft supplies, items from the recycle bin, broken jewelry/necklaces, pages from magazines, etc. on a table then let the kids loose.

The creations that come from these free-for-all sessions will amaze you!

The kids will have a fun time while it does not cost much for parents to supply them with these "recycled" material.

- by Carol M. Edwards
(Ticonderoga, NY)

Carol from Kids Crafty Creations.com

Creative craft with Commercial Magnets & Greeting Cards

Kids' craft can be created with just some creative ideas....A bit of paint, glitter, sequins, and Royal Coat Decoupage Finish turns commercial refrigerator magnets and old greeting cards into creative surprises.

Ugly magnets from businesses you will never patronize can be the starting point for a child's imagination.

Cleverly-cut greeting cards can be pasted back-to-back with Royal Coat or some other glue. These become beautiful bookmarks.

I like the sets of tiny acrylic paint-pots to provide a range of colors for the children. They are used up quickly and can be discarded before they dry and become useless.

Shells, tiny buttons, and scraps of ribbon can decorate these objects. Finish with one or two coats of Royal Coat for durability. Some people prefer ModgePodge, so find the products that work for you.

- by Tropigal
(South Florida)

Fun Summer Kids' Crafts

Summer is a great time to do craft work with kids. School is out and kids are seeking for fun activity.

Featured here is a cute little ladybug serves as a bookmark. It is a great way to mark the page in book.

The kids will be excited to use them in their favourite book. It is easy to make and promote reading during summer time.

You only require the following material:
Paper Clip
Construction Paper
Markers or Crayons
Googly Eyes

Create the design on the construction paper. Cut them out and glue the pieces together. Finally, glue the ladybug on the paper clip.

Other crafts for kids such as Sunny Handprint and Summer Windmill are easy to make too.

Check out the full instructions for these fun Summer Crafts for Kids and many more Easy Crafts for Kids!!

- by Amanda


With loads of kids' craft ideas here, you can turn each craft project into a learning or skill-building activity. You can incorporate any of these art and craft activities anytime; to keep children entertained or as one of the school curriculum.

Other Art and Craft Activities to Consider:

Kids’ Drawing: Kids draw, color and paint to express themselves. My girl loves to do all these. She has also kindly shared her drawings to other children for coloring. If you are looking for children coloring pages, do check out these cute animals drawn by her. Download and use it for your kids coloring pages.

clay-it-now.com: Your clay art and craft ideas center for kids and adults with clay model tutorials for figurines, kids crafts, personalized gift, cake toppers, etc.

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