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Learning is more than acquiring academic knowledge.

This page, Kids Learning Games Articles, consists of articles and topics about teaching children. It includes teaching kids some essential skills they need to master for the future.

Teachable Moments during Christmas Season

Get children involved in the preparation of celebrating Christmas can be valuable learning opportunity for kids. For young kids, some Christmas activities can be equally entertaining while they learn some lessons out of it.

Halloween Games for Kids

Enjoying holiday does not need to compromise on learning time. Celebrate Halloween with games and educational activities. You can use these learning activities in classroom or party.

Summer Activities for Kids

Research shows kids can lose up to 60% of what they learned in school during long summer holidays. Prevent summer slides with these educational summer activities for active learning.

21st Century Skills and Learning Curriculum

How school curriculum can be structured to prepare our children for the future from an elite educator. Find out what is 21st Century Learning and prepare your child for it.

5 Steps to Teach Kids Snorkeling

I realized there is no age limit when come to learning for children. If parents put in some effort and make preparation for learning to take place, kids can learn any skills any time.

This is my personal experience of how we teach our children to snorkel at the age of seven.

Six Learning Strategies to Develop Kids Higher Order Thinking Skills

higher order thinking skills infographics

Tradition schools taught our children knowledge acquisition, rote learning and basic thinking skills. These skills do not prepare our children for a future that could potentially be far more complex than ours. Let's teach our children how to think.

Practical Tips To Make Telling Time Easy for Kids

toy clock to teach time
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I found out from my personal experience that young children do not have the sense of time. Understand the challenges faced by our kids in learning to tell time. Find out how to overcome these challenges to make reading clock and telling time easy for kids.

Guides for Parents in Teaching Mathematics

blackboard use to teach kids math

Even if parents are not good in math, we can still encourage and help our children develop their interest in mathematics. Parents’ attitude, involvement and expectation are important to help kids learn math. Read more about what we can do.

Considerations when Choosing Kids Learning Games

about choosing kids learning games

There are many educational and learning games available in the market. But not all games are appropriate for our children, even though the age level is usually stated on the game. There are several factors you may want to consider before selecting the right games for your child.

Overcome Math Phobia and Anxiety

kids with math anxiety

Eliminate kids' frustration learning math. Help your child to overcome the fear of math.

Teaching Kids Money Helps to Raise Money Smart Kid

kids putting money into piggy bank

Financial literacy is not a subject taught in school. As parents, we should start teaching our kids the value of money when they are still young. Teach children good money habits and money management skills reap long-term benefits for everyone.

For practical lesson, use kids’ allowance for children to learn about budgeting and many more.

Train our kids to be financially independent. In view of their young age, kids can still learn to make some pocket money in a safe environment with our guidance.

How Playing Video Games can be Instructional for Kids

playing video games with kid

Online video games effects can be beneficial to kids if we do not let children indulge in it. AJ, a freelance journalist, shared with us how video games can help in child's educational development.

The Importance of Art Activities in Children Learning Curriculum

kids doing painting as an art activity
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Art activities is an essential learning tools for children. The five reasons we should include art activities in our children learning curriculum.

How Printable Kids' Games Can Help Children Develop Mental Skills

develop children mental skills graphic

Most children developmental practitioners acknowledged printable kids' games such as brain teasers help to stimulate the brain develop of our children.

There are many types of skills our kids learned from these games.

Parenting kids is a broad subject. Contact me if you have more to share or publish your own article here.

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