Math Fraction Games and Activities Make Learning Fraction Easy

Fraction activities and math fraction games help kids to visualize mathematical fractions concept.

many fraction games make learning fraction easy
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Start teaching fractions to kids using visual aids. It makes it easy for children to visualize fraction as parts of a whole. Upon understanding this concept, then we turn to mathematical representation.

There are many resources for us to help our kids to learn fraction. There are many math games online to complement our teaching lesson. You can also create your own fraction activities with mathematics manipulative, teaching aids or simply create your own.

Fraction is Parts of a Whole

To understand fraction, let kids explore cutting up or drawing shapes equally. Here are a few suggestion:

Fix a Puzzle to Form Whole

Get a party paper plate with beautiful picture on it. Cut it up into six equal parts. Let your kid fix back the puzzle to form back the picture on the plate. Explain one piece of the puzzle out of the six pieces mean one-sixth. For younger kids, you may want to start with halves and quarter then slowly progress to sixth, eighth and twelfth.

Dance with Fraction - Paper Folding

Pair up two kids in team. Give each team in big piece of paper. Give clear instruction to fold paper into half. Show them how to fold if needed. Have the two kids stand on the folded paper. Turn on music for a minute. Make sure no one fall outside the folded paper during the one minute. Continue by folding paper into quarter and turn on music. The last team that continues to “balance” on the smallest fraction of folded paper wins.

Open up the folded paper at the end of the game to find out the number of section folded by each team. Use pen to draw the folded line if needed to see which team has folded the most (but has smaller individual pieces) and the least (but has bigger individual pieces).

Equal Food Portion Distribution

We can turn dinning or snack time into one of the math fraction games. If you are serving pizza, cake or chocolate, let the kids cut the food for distribution. Challenge a child to cut the food equally depending on the number of children serve. Ask them what portion is served for each person. Whoever answers correctly get to eat the food first!!…. Or more serving as reward.

Understand halves and quarters

This is a game to reinforce what is halves and quarters by coloring the number of squares.

learn halves and quarters painting fraction flags

Learn denominator and numerator

Identify the denominator and numerator in the first level. Then move on to identify fraction in the next level. Player needs to complete the task within a stipulated time. Player score points when the answer is correct.

learn denominator and numerator

Understand Equivalent Fractions

You can include fraction board game as one of the math fraction games. Make a game board with various fractions on it. Here is a sample you can use. Click on the board to download a copy.

board game for math fraction games
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You need:
- A set of dice
- 12 green colored tokens and 12 red colored tokens. You can make more colored tokens if you have more than two players.

Each player rolls the dice. One number will represent the numerator and the other number represents the denominator. Cover the fraction on the game board, including the equivalent fraction. For example, if you have one-half i.e. ½, you need to cover two quarters (2/4) and its entire equivalent found on the board. If one player already covers the equivalent fraction, you can replace the counter.

Take turn to throw the dice. Roll the dice again if it turns out to be a double. Whoever covers the fractions in a row wins the game.

More Game to know your Equivalent

Match the bar chart to the fraction shown on the card. Player needs to know to reduce fraction to its simplest form before the can play this game. Train kid to do computation mentally.

learn equivalent fractions with bars and cards

Ordering and Comparing Fractions

Ordering of fractions is tricky. It can be confusing. The smaller the denominator, the bigger it is, assuming numerator is the same. Children need more practice to get it right.

Arrange the fractions from lowest to highest. It gets harder as it progresses.

ordering and comparing fractions

A fraction game with a story line makes it interesting for kids. Children learn to

  • convert fractions to the same denominator
  • arrange fractions in order
  • identify the bigger fraction based on a few given fractions with different denominator.
  • solve fraction problems
solve fraction problems with story

Play Math Fraction Games using Fraction Circles

Fix, Match and Win

Make different pieces of parts of circle on colored paper. Here is a suggestion:

Two pieces of 1/12, 2/12 and 3/12 each
One piece of 4/12, 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, 8/12, 9/12, 10/12 and 11/12 each

Put all the pieces into a bag. Have a player draws a piece from the bag. Second player draws another piece and try to join to the first piece. If it makes more than a whole, put the piece back into the bag. Continue the game until a player manages to complete the circle. The player who completes the circle is the winner.

You can make variation to this game by using it for adding, subtracting and improper fractions.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions and More

A fun game involves mosquitoes. Play to add or subtract fractions correctly to save the mosquitoes.

add and subtract fractions

Play either using bars or cards which show fraction in numeric terms. Player needs to arrange the fractions and form equations. It can be quite a challenge.

form operation equation with fractions

Have Fun Teaching and Learning.

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