Reinforce Multiplication Facts with Math Multiplication Games and Activities.
Make Memorizing Times Tables Easy and Simple for Kids

Math multiplication games and activities can help kids to overcome the challenge to learn multiplication and remember times tables easily.

Most parents and teachers always meet this challenge in teaching times tables - children never like to memorize the multiplication tables. I was challenged by my kids - "why do we have to memorize the times tables?"....It was pain hard work and boring for the kids.

Well, I have overcome this challenge with some teaching ideas - get math help with hands on math activities.

teaching kids times tables with math multiplication games
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Math multiplication games and activities make learning multiplication easy and fun for kids. Kids practice their times tables' skills in multiplication activities help to reinforce their multiplication facts.

We can make times table’s games with minimum material. These games need not be costly versus educational electronic gadgets or toys sold in shop.

Play Games with Times Tables Mini Sheets

times tables games mini sheets

Here is what you need:
- cut out small pieces of colored paper (use different color for variety if possible. Kids are attracted to beautiful colors)
- get the kids to write down the each multiplication table without the answer on each piece of paper
You can play different math multiplication games with these mini times tables sheets.
- Turn all the sheets face down. Let your kid picks the paper. He is supposed to provide the answer for each written times tables found on the paper. If he gets it right, he gets to the keep the paper. You will keep those, which he got it wrong. Who has the most paper will be the winner at the end.
- If there is more than one kid, each kid will take turn to pick the paper, answer the multiplication table and get to keep the paper if the answer is correct. The kid who keeps the most paper is the winner.
- Each player takes turn to flip over the paper. Whoever shouts out the answer first is the winner.

Having the multiplication table on small piece of paper is very handy. My son keeps them in a pouch and brings it along when we visited the dentist. Both the kids had such a fun time playing free multiplication games while we are at the waiting room.

This little pouch of free multiplication table game has indeed made teaching multiplication easier for me. My kids love to challenge one another on their multiplication speed with this times tables game.

Times Tables Game with Dice

play multiplication games using dic

Dice is a great tool for children to learn numbers and math. Here is a game for the kids to play.

What you need:
- Cut-outs of cars, animals etc with times tables answer on it. Use colored paper and make the cutouts as interesting for the kids as possible.
- Two dices. Dice A and Dice B

Each kid is given a cutout. First player rolls dice A and determine the first number. Same player then rolls dice B to get the next number. Player multiplies the two numbers and shades the answer on his cutouts. Other kids or the players check the answer at the same time.

All the players take turns to play. The first kid to complete all the written number on his cutouts wins. He gets to keep the cutouts.

Multiplication Board Game

Playing multiplication board game is fun too. Making our own board game is easy with just card paper and coins.

multiplication board games

Double click on this number table. You can print out this number table on a piece of paper and paste it on a cardboard.

What you need:
- Make 4 pink counters and 4 brown counters using colored card paper.
- 2 coins
- At least two players for this game.

First player puts the two coins on any two numbers found on the bottom of the game board. Multiply the two covered numbers. Put a counter on the correct product number on the game board.

Second player moves only one of the coins and multiply the two covered numbers. Similarly, he will put his counter on the correct product number on the game board. Whoever has four counters in a row is the winner.

Multiplication Songs

We can include songs in math multiplication games and activities. Multiplication songs using times tables in the music lyrics makes it easy for the children to memorize the times tables by heart. Expose kids to the same song constantly. They will pick up the multiplication tables easily.

Check out Schoolhouse Rock: Multiplication Classroom Edition [Interactive DVD]. It has been highly recommended by most parents. Let the kids dance and sing to learn math timetable.

Online multiplication game

Kids who just start out to learn times tables may need pictorial aid. It is easier to deal with pictures than numbers. It reinforces the multiplication concept of grouping objects together to find the total.

online multiplication game

This multiplication online game comes in three levels. I suggest you start with the “really hard” level for your child to understand multiplication operation before attempting the “medium” and “hard” level. Child needs to do mental multiplication in order to obtain the right answer for these two levels.

Other math multiplication games and activities:

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More Fun Math Activities to teach mathematical operation. Make complex math concept easy to understand for kids.

Have Fun Teaching and Learning.

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