Have Fun with Money Games for Kids

Teaching kids about money with money games for kids and activities is fun and enjoyable. Depending on the mathematical skills of child, we can use different games to let them learn about money. Coin and counting money games are ideal for children in preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Money math games involve higher mathematical skills will be appropriate for kids in higher grade.

money games for kids to learn about money
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Counting money and Coin Games

Young children cannot fully comprehend the worth of various coins or abstract financial concepts. Children see money as concrete terms. To begin, there are games to help young children to explore basic money skills such as counting, sorting and categorizing.

Here are some money games for kids in grade K-2.

A basic coin counting games for young kids. Child identifies the face value amount of each coin, and adds up the total value of coin.

basic coin counting games

Simply adds up the pennies to determine the total value. This simple game is ideal for preschoolers who just started to learn counting. Parents can use this game to teach counting while helping kids to identify coin’s value and learn about money at the same time.

adding up pennies money games

Most online money games for kids use US and UK currency. This game is ideal for parents and children who are not from US or UK. It allows you to select the kind of currency to play. Upon selecting the currency, you choose the type of game to play. From simple matching of money value to making change, adding and removing money based on the value given. I like the game selection as we can move on to the next level as our child progresses on learning about money.

money game using different currency

This game teaches children an essential life skill - how to add up money to make payment. Kids learn how much to pay seller when buying things. Let children practice with this game then guide them to make payment in the real world.

igloo shopping money game for kids

More Money Math Games

Learning about money is not limited to kids in the lower grade. Teaching higher grade children about trading, saving, budgeting, investing and setting financial goal with their higher mathematical skills can be equally enjoyable with money games for kids.

Kids from Grade 3 and above will enjoy these money games.

Do different type of money problem solving with a story line. The best part about this game is teaching children to identify the best deal. They are to pick if an item is a better deal versus if the item is bundled. This is very practical as they learn to shop smartly in grocery stores.

money game with story line

Children learn about earning, spending and saving money. Kid is given a fix allowance based on a 30 days’ period, she can earn some pocket money along the way. Through out the game, she needs to make smart spending decision knowing that there are some unexpected events which may cost her some money.  Learn smart buying decision with this game.

learn earning, spending and saving money game

Fun Activities to Teach Kids Money

In addition to money games for kids, there are many fun activities parents can do with kids to teach kids about money. These activities allow you to use the local currency according to your needs.

Play Store

Get some food toys and prepare some real money. Create a food store by labeling the toys with price stickers. Arrange the items for sale. Take turns being buyers and sellers. Help kids to count money by adding up a few items on a toy cash register or just on paper.  Teach them how to get change with subtraction. This is time to hone their mathematical skills.

You can expand on this money game by teaching them on savings and smart buying decision. Cut out some unused food coupons or run sale promotion for the store. Teach kids how they can enjoy savings using the coupons or during sale time.

Coupon Hunting

Play a game on coupon hunting. Have a group of children to hunt down the coupon on newspapers or collect from stores. Tally up the total savings based on coupon value and determine the winner. This activity will spur children to look out coupon for value savings. It will be better if they can use the coupon for actual purchase.

play money game for kids with coupon hunting

Matching Coin Value with Sorting and Categorizing

Have a mixture of different denomination coins. Line up a 5-cent, 10-cent, 20-cent and 50-cent coin on a table. Put a pile of coins on the table. Let kid sorts and categorizes each coin accordingly. Call out the value of each coin as your child makes the right match.
If the child is proficient on sorting and matching coins, you can proceed to use dollar notes.

coin for sorting and matching to learn about money

Clean Up the Money on Board

create your own board for money game

When your child knows how to count, you can start playing this counting money game.
You need 2 players for this game. Draw a grid on a board. Place coins of different denomination on board randomly. First player throws a pair of dice. He picks up the coin on the space corresponding to the value of the two dice. The second player takes his turn. If the coin has already been picked on that space, player will miss his turn.
Every player counts the total value of coins after all coins are cleaned up on the board. Player with higher value is the winner.
You can also modify the game – whichever player to hit a total value of $2 is the winner.

Financial Education Game for Kids

This is one of the recommended money games for kids if you are looking at honking the financial skills of your child. Educate children how to make money work for them. They need to learn what is good and bad financial decision. You may want to invest in your child financial education with “Cashflow for Kids” – a highly recommended board game from parents.

Have Fun Teaching and Learning.

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