Preschool Math Games and Activities to Develop Child‘s Math Knowledge

Preschool math games and activities help to train preschoolers on mathematical concepts.

Preschool math is more than simple counting. Classification, matching, number recognition, estimation and data collection are part of math. Math games and activities help to develop these mathematical skills as well as other aspect of a child’s development. Children develop their fine motor, hand-eye coordination skills and reading through games and activities.

Involve your preschooler everyday with math games and activities. Constant practice gives your child opportunity to reinforce the learned skills.

Preschool Classification Games - Sort Things Out

Most of us take it for granted on the ability to match and classify things. Matching and classification are part of mathematical concepts one has to learn from young.

A preschooler can help to sort out many things at home. There are toys; laundry, groceries and kitchenware one can use to teach classification.

play preschool math game by sorting socks

Start with the simplest task first. It is easy to sort out socks since it comes in pairs. You can also classify based on colors and sizes.

I suggest you leave the sorting of groceries to bigger kids based on my personal experience. It is a challenge for most children to sort groceries.

Data Collection Activities for Preschoolers

Collecting data is not difficult for a preschooler if we teach them appropriately.

teach preschool math doing data collection
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Paste or draw a car and a bicycle on a piece of paper. Tell your child to sit by the window and observe the vehicles passing by. Record each type of vehicles she sees on the paper. Help her to count and add up the total. Tally up the total after about ten minutes. Ask her how many cars and bicycles did she see.

You can replace vehicles with clothes from your laundry basket or plates and bowls on the dinning table.

Matching Cards

Flashcards is effective to develop child’s math skills. Mathematics flash cards are available in bookstores or you can print them online.

You can also use poker cards. Sort the cards by number value or colors.

Layout the flashcards and play a round of matching or sorting games any time.

Preschool Counting Game - Count with Number Match

The great thing about homemade preschool math games is that you can ask your child to help you in creating the material. In this game, you will need colored markers, stickers and 20 index cards.

Make 10 numeral cards with the colored markers. Write numbers 1 to 10 on each index card.

Let your child make the 10 quantity cards. You can draw pictures or small stickers to illustrate the quantities. Create quantity 0 to 9 on the cards.

Jumble the quantity cards thoroughly and lay them on the table or on the floor in rows. Pick any two quantity cards. Ask your child to count the total of stickers on those two cards. Then choose the correct numeral card for the answer.

This game serves to build a solid foundation on adding numbers.

Number Recognition

The ability to count does not necessary means a child is able to read numbers. Here are some math activities for preschoolers you can do when on the road.

- Identify car plate number of cars the kids see while traveling.

- Identify bus number at bus stop or while taking bus. Teach them different bus number gets them to different destination. This is a good example of how to apply numbers on practical usage.

car plate number for number recognition

Estimation Activities - Make a Guess

Preschool math games and activities can be your simple daily walking activity in the garden. Ask your child how many steps do it takes for her to reach the big tree. Start counting her steps as she moves. Then ask her to guess how many steps it takes you to reach the same tree. Explain to her the reasoning if she did not get it right.

You need a balance weighing scale, an orange and some marbles. Ask your child to make a guess how many marbles does the orange weigh. Let her check the answer by putting marbles on the weighing scale until it balance with the orange.

Making estimation lays the foundation for learning measurement. Try different estimation activities for preschoolers involving length, weight and volume.

Number Rhymes and Math Counting Songs

Introduce basic mathematical concepts of number sense and number naming through number rhyme and math songs. You can either read your favourite number rhymes, sing math counting songs with them. Do remember to show and teach your child how to count using her fingers as you sing or rhyme.

Get some nursery rhymes books and CDs now.

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